Order Carbon Road Bike Frames on eBay

Going to eBay to find a bike frame produces results to pay anywhere from $20 to $5,000 for a carbon bike frame. Today we found 526 listings.

You can buy a bicycle on eBay according to brand, frame size and condition so you can filter specifically for what you want. You could purchase mountain bikes for off-road cycling, BMX bikes for stunts or even look for folding bikes that will fit more easily in your car trunk. Some eBay sellers sell parts, clothes and safety gear to match the bicycles that they sell so you can purchase all the equipment you need through the eBay website.

Riders upgrade to a new frame when they want a change. Often they strip down their old bike themselves, simply swapping the parts over onto a new frame.
This opens up some plus and minus points for you the buyer.

Order Carbon Road Bike Frames on eBay

On the plus side this means you can pick up a second hand frame cheaply as the seller will likely just want to sell it to recoup some of the outlay they made on a new frame. On the minus side is the unknown condition of the frame you are about to buy, especially if it has been stripped down by someone in a hurry, not paying attention to the “old” frame, but saving the other parts for the “new” frame.

It is important then to ask the seller specific questions:

  1. How old is the frame
  2. Why are you selling it
  3. Any damages
  4. How did you break it out
  5. Do I need anything else
  6. Can you send me other pictures
  7. Will you offer a refund if it is not as expected

Buyer Beware: As with anything bid on EBay, check out the seller’s history, credit rating, and feedback. Here are a few things to check out before deciding on a bike frame from EBay:

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You can opt to only see brands such as “Cannondale”, “GT” “Mongoose”, “Schwinn” or “Trek”.

Frame Size

select the frame size that matches your body height. Options include extra-small (XS), medium (M), large (L) and extra-large (XL).


You can buy a bicycle on eBay that is new, used, or not working (but can still be used for parts).

Frame Material

Options for frame material include alloy, aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and titanium.


The suspension is the spring near the wheel that gives you a smoother ride over bumpy paths. Your bicycle can have front, full or no suspension.

Whatever you decide, make sure you know exactly what you want, more about the dealer (seller) and his/her reputation and credit history and feedback, and what your local bike shop has that’s comparable. Remember you’re going to have to pony up (probably, although sellers on eBay do have the option to include) the costs for the shipping and postage. That cost can be prohibitive.

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