Carbon vs. Aluminum Carbon Road Bikes

This is an age-old debate. Here, for your reading pleasure, are some points to take into consideration when you are ready to buy a new bike or bike frame:


It is generally accepted, though of course with exceptions, that carbon fiber road bikes are lighter than aluminum bikes. Aluminum is heavier than carbon, and it’s easier to fashion a frame to make it as light as possible from carbon than it is from aluminum.

It is possible, however, to buy quality aluminum bikes that are lighter than some carbon bikes. But the difference is negligible and may not support the increase in cost. Most serious bikers don’t make much ado about the difference unless it’s significant, and we haven’t found that to be true. [Read more…]

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Top Three Carbon Road Bike Factories

Virtually all carbon fiber bicycle component manufacturing for various bike brands occurs in China and Taiwan by one, or several carbon fiber component factories. The factories employ material and composites engineers who research and implement the ideas and proposed solutions of the bike brands. [Read more…]