Top Three Carbon Road Bike Factories

Virtually all carbon fiber bicycle component manufacturing for various bike brands occurs in China and Taiwan by one, or several carbon fiber component factories. The factories employ material and composites engineers who research and implement the ideas and proposed solutions of the bike brands.

Here are the top three Carbon Road Bike Factories chosen by the Business to Business Group:

Great Go Cycles Inc: Carbon Bike – Taiwan

Great Go Cycles Inc. is a professional Carbon Bike manufacturer. They manufacture and distribute a complete line of high performance products such as bicycle carbon fiber composite parts and accessories including custom bicycle frames, full suspension frames, hardtail MTB frames, mountain bike forks made of molded carbon consisting of carbon composites; seat posts, stems, handle bars, cranks, spacers, stem caps, and seat clamps.

Top Three Carbon Road Bike Factories

Alu-Mate Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. : Carbon Bike – Taiwan

Established in 1997, Alu-Mate Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high end bicycle parts, such as carbon bike, folding bike frames, tandem frames, and so on. Their team is organized by professional bicycle manufacturers and enthusiasts from MAXWAY, A-PRO and GIANT. They emphasize high quality and ensure that products are manufactured correctly and quickly. Manufacturer of bicycle parts and accessories. Products include frames (suspension, MTB, folding bike, road, time trial, track, fix gear, single speed, tandem, BMX), frame types, road bike frames, track bicycle frames, fixed gear bicycle frames, front forks, aluminum alloy front forks, MTB 26″ forks, bike forks.

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APM – Taiwan

APM has years of experience in the field of bicycle parts and accessories. We supply a wide range of products, such as steering components, transmission parts, wheel parts, frame parts, handlebars, carbon Bike, wheel sets, saddles, kickstands, helmets, cycle shoes and more. They say they have earned a great reputation over the years for quality and reliability. They deal in wheel parts, bicycle hubs, bicycle wheel rims, bicycle spokes, tire/ inner tube/ type, valves, plastic wheels. wheel sets, transmission parts, chainwheels, cranksets, chains, derailleur gear (front derailleur, rear derailleur, shift lever, grip shifter, free wheel) sprockets, steering components, brakes, brakes shoes/ fittings, cables housing, inner wires, grips/tapes, handlebars, bar ends, pedals, saddles, stems, disc brakes, frame parts, bolts/nut/quick releases, ball retainer, steel balls, b.b parts, front forks, frames fork stems, tubes/ tubing, lugs/ shells, fork crowns, rear ends/ dropouts, frames, head parts, seat posts/ clamps, frame fittings, suspension parts. They also carry accessories: bags, baskets, bells, water bottles/cage, bike carrier, chain covers, cycle computers, children’s seats, gloves, helmets, horns, kickstands, lighting sets/ dynamo, mudguards/ fenders, pegs, pumps, rear carriers, shoes, sunglasses, tire gauges, tools, training wheels, wheel covers.

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